Active tiles disappear sometimes


in my active tiles and the popout windows disappear sometimes. I use two monitors and I have this problem on both machines where I installed Tickstrike. The strange thing is that they do not disappear everytime I restart Tickstrike. Maybe it happens when I start it on the other machine(I cannot test it at the moment because the second machine is located somewhere else)

@Aamar: where are the active tiles and the position of the popout windows postions saved in the filesystem or the windows registry? I assume they are stored now locally on each machine?


This may be similar to

Yes. I am having this issue as well. When I open Tickstrike on my laptop I have to rearrange all of the popouts, then I close and open on my desktop they’re all gone and I have to reactivate all of the instruments again. It appears save profiles on different PC s are affecting each other.

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Ok! That must be a bug :wink:

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This should be fixed in this new text version Tickstrike Change Log - #8 by Aamar

We’ve not done a push update on this yet.

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Thanks Aamar! Installed already on machine A but I can only test next thursday on machine B.

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Looks like my downsize tiles are staying in the same place on two screens. Also the settings on lower right side, says 100 workspaces, if counting the main screen and all small ones then that number is to high?

Excellent job on making the tiles stick to size.

@Aamar: I can confirm the problem is fixed now. Thanks!!



Cool if the problem comes back open a new topic for it!

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