After todays events we will be changing the name of TickStrike


For a couple of hours today we had an issue with the TickStrike and FinancialJuice servers due to a surge in traffic.

It meant people were not able to log in,

After reading the emails and messages from members resembling an addiction to a narcotic famous in the 90s, we’ve decided to rename TickStrike to CrackStrike.

We appreciate your love for our product… but wow you’re scary lol :slight_smile:

On a serious note measures are being implemented to prevent this kind of issue in the future

Love you guys :heart:



Yes… the horror !

For a while at the 09:30 NYSE open today I can see how the prospect of trading without TS and having to revert to Moving Average Crosses, MACD, BB, RSI, SAR, Channels, Trend Lines or any of the other BS :poop: they have taught many of us over the years could trigger the Cold Turkey response you describe.

Definition: Cold turkey refers to the abrupt cessation (Servers Down) of a SUBSTANCE DEPENDANCE (TickStrike) and the resulting UNPLEASANT experience. :hot_face:

Suggestion, for the future, a pre prepared timely blanket email or community post could be sent to all your CrackStrikers :hot_face: in real time… explaining the server situation should it reoccur ?

Keep up the good work Aamar
:helicopter: :uk:

Cold Turkey


Hey Aamar, pass the TickPipe dude :grin:



we do need to come up with something.

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