Any chance you can add the GBPNZD to the Forex list?

Hey Aamar, any chance of adding the GBPNZD for us guys here in Asia? You have the EURNZD already, and as GBPNZD can be a bit of a beast ADR wise, I’d love to have it added so I can utilize in the asian session.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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on the list for you now mate

Thanks Aamar, you rock dude!

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you shoudl see it now :slight_smile:

By the way did you book a meeting with me?

I was thinking a google meet :slight_smile:

The times there are middle of the night for you, but if you book one, I will change it to 8am UK which is hopefully not later than 7pm for you.

We’ll have a chat and get you set up.