Arranging Tickstrike Tiles

Hey there folks. I like to use this freeware called “windowgrid”. Really helps when arranging your tiles.
It’s nice to have compact tiles tucked where they do the most good. I expect future QOL updates to tickstrike will nullify the usefulness of this, but here it is for now.


I like how space-efficient those tiles are squished down! Nice. Also appreciate the sierra chart fans!

Clever! @Tony likes his Tickstrike tiles like that also

Thank you so much for letting us know about Window Grid. It even works with PowerToys Fancy Zones so you can have th best of both worlds for app arrangement

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Spaced out tiles for RTH


I recommend changing the window divisions to 150x150. seems to work well for my screen size/res

Looks nice… I tried the WindowGrid but couldn’t get it to work…

did you go into the settings and change the grid size?