Case Study using GC, GLD,GLDM,SGOL,IAU and SLV

Hi; I asked Aamar to add some GC ETF’s about 2 weeks ago based on volume. Not a big fan of GC, but GC seems to work with my style of trading. First AAMAR, thank you very, very much. Perhaps more the better!

1st day, 2nd Sept all 6 sub windows lite up and caught a nice run to downside. On Friday before 3 day weekend the sub windows where mostly sideways until late in day. Then to upside, no trade.

7th Sept opens up with downside potential and first trade was a no fill, darn what did I miss? TS calms down and price action a little sideways and then mid a sudden blast of all 6 to the downside, caught a nice move. I believe all 6 where minus 15.

You might ask why SLV Silver iShares Trust with just $13.16B in assets, GLD and IAU way higher, read somewhere Silver travels with Gold.

This is for educational purposes only, subject to change and really hope more members add to this forum. If you see any errors please let me know.


That’s cool! Screen shots would be very cool

I tried but couldn’t find place to click?! Let me try this

The 6 GC|558x124

And maybe this:

Linden what are your sensitivity settings? I’ve been trading quite a bit of GC lately.

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Hi Digitrader, I currently use #6 on all GC and sub windows.

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GC trade was similar to yesterday. TS opens a little quite but around 9:45 all sub windows are red. After getting in TS slows down close to first target, so took that. Goes a little sideways then goes on down to 2nd target. TS noise picks up but NOT 100% certain how much or often. Low of move @ 9:51, what was interesting unlike yesterday with big down supported by TS, today @9:52 some green started sounding off. Fits with what Aamar said about TS but with the caveat of “sometimes”. I have noticed TS after a ‘move’ will give you a good indication when a move is over but will also disappoint.

The question is should one base TS on time (after going silent get out after x number of seconds?) or sensitivity setting like if a counter 4 ignore but do something on 6, or? What do others think?

Picture below was taken just after low @9:51.

Sept 08 gc just after down move

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GC Low of day last 6 days:

9/1 @11:06
9/2 @10:13
9/3 @9:45
9/7 @11:19 Additional Sub Windows become available, Thank you Aamar again for adding.
9/8 @9:51
9/9 10:46

Today was a test of how much TS do you need for a winning trade! Started out slow but down; at @ 9:36 I saw GC minus and all other windows plus readings. I believe @9:53 more joined in on the minus side, 9:56 got to what I call more of a ‘Blast’ with all 8 window sounding off sell side. And then TS slows down but nice double burst at @10:02 (short) and GC price action just does not keep going down. Had some positive numbers come in so get out break even.

Then more minus numbers and goes to down to low of day @10:46.

Looking back will be watching for the intensity of when and how often TS sounds off. Maybe the first counter TS watch price action very carefully. Can’t recall if all 8 windows sounded off to the opposite side!

This is for educational purposes and always looking for others to join in on any comments of how their doing with TS.


Weekly report ending Sept 17.

Sept 14> Break even got in real late, turned out near low of day @9:40, notes say missed early entry.
Sept 15> no trade, Low of day near close!

Sept 16> TS near the open had what I call a ‘burst’ trade, lots of red, high numbers on all sub windows. First target reached but second/third had to much of pull back, but did go on to 2nd and 3rd. Darn, 2nd and 3rd before low of day @9:50.

Sept 17> very quiet opening no trade. Low of day so far @10:18