Composite Instruments [In Development]

hi. just watched your webinar on Apex. you mentioned you were working on something to combine instruments so that the tick would only go off when all combined instruments are4 in line. has that been implemented?


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not yet, it’s being developed in-house at the moment with different versions be tested.


thanks for your reply. ive just watched your webinar with Scott Pulcini…you addressed one question which was bugging me most of the way through. why are nt the pop out boxes able to snap together? plus t6hey should be able to be moved around, all together, once snapped. a toggle would also be nice to minimise the boxes so the the real estate of the colour part can be reduced to 10, 20, 50 pixels, or something like that. so we have a choice to see the larger ones or make it smaller.

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snapping coming soon :slight_smile: