Conditions for Zero

Noticed today at 10:30:49 CL, USO, B, DBO, UCO, USOI and XXE, all went to zero.

What is the ‘rule’ for TS to send a read out to zero, just trying to get a better understanding?

For CL correlation / conformation those are the one’s I have, anybody have changes?

Opps, Correction XXE is suppose to be XLE, apologies for the error, total of 7 counting CL.

Also just watched the video and all except two symbols stayed ‘zero’ for over 3 minutes.

Aamar what makes TS go to zero instead of retaining last reading?

Noticed same thing today on Cl all symbols went to zero at 9:54:26, at 10:06:28 first reading of +10 on CL, then at 10:08:09 all together! That’s over 14 minutes!

Just would like to understand what condition triggers TS to go to zero.

Hi @Linden

We took a few days to investigate this, the only way our developers could replicate this is if TickStrike lost connection likely due to WIFI going down or some other connection based region.

Let me know times in ET if this happens again we’ll continue to observe