Correlation and Trading ES Mini

Is anyone using Tickstrike for correlations and trading the ES? I am new to scalping futures and looking for some insight into better correlations. If you are using it for correlations I would love to hear your ideas on it’s usefulness. I am on east coast time, so trade in general after 0830 EST.

Here is an example of a few markets with TS and some underlying equities. You most certainly can use TS as a correlation tool for trading ES. The particular way you do so should be something that you develop with respect to your current methodology.

Welcome TickStrikeKurt,

I have used the following based on a sensitivity setting of 10. The VIX,VXX,UVXY and VX are considered inverse. No stocks are used, anybody have success with stocks please let the community know! The spread sheets are based on 2 month old data.

Then depending on your trading style, as stated elsewhere go with the flow when Ts sounds off.

P.s. jimmmyy, has stocks helped you?

Good luck!

Thanks Linden, Looks like those are screenshots, are they your own personal creation or somewhere that lists related and inverse correlations? Just learning and appreciate the help!

Aamar was listing symbols like EWZ (Equity: Brazil - Total Market) or FXL (iShares Large Cap China) so did an Excel spreadsheet. Data from and VIX and VX from CBOE website, but no extra data, not sure why?


Also thought the leveraged ETF’s like TZA 3X would be of more value but so far have not found that to be the case.