Duplicate panel

i use multiple monitors and just realised what a pain in ass it is to be studying one chart/monitor and then having to move my eyes to another monitor when tickstrike goes off. being able to duplicate the panel so we can have one on each monitor would be very welcome…thanks

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Hi, if you want the main panel ‘tickstrike’ then just double click to bring up second main window. One can also open up TS on multiple computers.

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hey. thanks for the reply. but its actually the pop outs panel im referring to. but also. i tried double clicking the main panel too. same build, and it doesnt duplicate. thanks

+1 for duplicate pop-ups.

It would be v useful for multi-monitor users.

what Linden said, I opened tickstrike twice and mini Pop-puts overlaid on the original, perhaps you can open a second\diferent workspace on the second tickstrike? just tried this off market, heard some pings

usually apps dont let you run them twice, hmm i got 3 tickstrikes open now:)

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Thanks for this.

I didn’t pick up from the thread that multiple pop-out box instances were possible.

Now I can ditch the ‘laptop with tickstrike placed under the 2nd monitor’ setup!