Forex symbol direction

I’m trying to use Tickstrike to trade Forex. I’m wondering if we could have an option to switch +ve and -ve on a symbol or simply add symbols for the majors where USD is the quote (JPY/USD, CHF/USD, CAD/USD) . I’d like USD to be the quote for all pairs so if there’s a run against the $ I can hear it more clearly than the confusion +vs/-ve signals.


I trade Forex too. I use the Future contracts for this. Then I can hear the move + or - USD clearly.


aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh i see the point you’re making here…

I’ll think about this

I think Simon has come up with a great idea/point that could be used more widely than forex.

Eg we trade ES and NQ then we could reverse the VX Futures if we chose so instead of it flashing red when it was going down it would flash green. This may blow up in our face when both ES and VX go down or up at the same time but certainly an interesting idea

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Good thoughts, overlaid on my ES chart is ES,SPY,XLF and as inverse VXX,UVXY,VIX, VX, wanting the inverse color to fire off. Still trying to get a feel for TRIN and TICK. Picture enclosed. Note UVXY is leveraged at 1.5X.

This perhaps would lead up to a “User Defined Combo Matrix”, where as one could add what symbols one wanted, inverse some and set an individual sensitivity setting to each one and then when all fired off one color then matrix shows just one color.

Pic of ES