Immersion and Reflection - Reflection being the most important part!

The cycle of immersion → reflection is key within any learning structure and particularly critical for trading. I want to dedicate a thread specifically to how you all currently reflect on your session with respect to tickstrike.

Do you record your screens and watch/listen back at key moments within your markets? You do take notes throughout the day when your trades are in alignment with TS or divergent with TS? Do you take note as to when you exit a trade purely because there is a bit of selling hitting the tape/ears and even though your plan had a larger target in mind?

I know the historical analysis portion of TS is still in development, but whenever a new tool is built into a trader’s methodology it should be done under high supervision and one step at a time. As well as setting clear boundaries on how you use the tool and where it ranks in the hierarchy of importance with respect to your tools/factors in a trade.

For example, order flow is the last item I am looking for when in a trade. This means that tickstrike will never ‘get me into a trade’ or my trade thesis will never be ‘because tickstrike went burrrrr’. I have put this application in its place on a ranking. Even so, I still can find myself getting FOMO or miss managing a position due to its high-frequency stimuli that can make action very enticing when inaction is the proper way to proceed. That last sentence is super important in my estimation and will really determine if you allow TS to hijack your decision making process. This is not a tool to be added to your methodology lighly and needs to be clearly mapped out or it will change your decision-making process in ways you would not have predicted.


Great idea, I like where this thread is going.

I record my trading sessions and review the first 1-2 hours of trading the following morning.

I also journal observations in my trade log based on the patterns/setups I’m seeing or hearing. I use Telegram Messenger to collect time-stamped journal notes. The timestamps make it easy to replay key moments upon review.

I also screenshot and markup my executions using Screenpresso. Everything then gets tagged and saved inside Evernote.

So far, Tick Strike has been very beneficial for me. I’d say the biggest benefit is more sustained focus. Listening to market generated information makes trading a more immersive experience. Which in turn, allows me to concentrate for extended periods of time. I also miss fewer opportunities with TS alerting events in the background.

In terms of using TS for execution, location and context always come first.