Issue with Tickstrike

Hello is there something wrong with Tickstrike because im getting no activity on the start of the market. Im using NQ and CL. Ive been using this everyday with no problems but today nothing

Yes same for me today. occasional ticks on diff instruments, but nothing consistent.

It’s just come back for me …but was down for 10 mins right on cash open

It was a pretty volatile open - does that overload tickstrike somehow?

is it working now for u

It’s back. Had to restart the app

I had the same problem today at the start of the market. Big move on NQ but tickSrike was silent. Could it be the server at TickStrike was overloaded with data? I think TS started working about 5 min into open.

I had the same issue and thought it was because I had turned down my sensitivity LOL

Hey guys, yes we had a server outage, literally at the worst moment.

The system is quite complex, we’re making it more and more robust


is there another outage because im getting nothing

looks like it so far for me

this sucks because i rely on the start

Looks like…arghhh…always at the opne. C’mon guys!!

Looks like it’s coming back slowly …futures now up. Waiting for stocks.

Stocks up as well.

You may need to restart

yeah i got some activites

I have restarted and futures still dead

Ok…now futures are back…

Sorry about this guys, we’ve been working on solutions for this but it’s really hard to recreate the ‘data flood’ that happens at the open outside of those hours. It’s a 40x increase in calculation compared to normal trading times! It’s a significant technical challenge.

And it seems to break things briefly.

We will solve the problem very soon :slight_smile:

Please don’t hurt me


Just makes me realize how much I miss TS ! !

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@Linden lol yes we need to get TickStrike rehab for a few people!