Level 2 TickStrike

Hi guys. Your stuff has helped me a lot! Soon I’ll be a life time subscriber.

I would like to suggest a feature that might also help, similar to the existing solution, it would/ could be a tickstrike for Level 2.

My thought here is that orders might stack or be pulled before a significant move.

And see how this correlates to the actual existing tick strike. For index the following might need to happen. You might need to create a synthetic tick strike, related to the ES for example, taking into consideration the weight of each symbol from that index.


Hey @gmagalhaes thanks for the input. This is a very cool idea and part of me is tempted by something like this.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have learnt through experience that you can ruin a great product by adding too many ‘features’.

With TickStrike I have made the conscious decision to keep the product as simple as possible and to really focus on being the masters of one thing.


Level 2 is standing orders or the order book. As such I don’t really see how Tickstrike could measure anything unless you could measure pulling and stacking ala Jigsaw. Now that would be useful.

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Yes!, tickstrike is = simply = effective

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I share the same believe.

That was a very polite “no”, which is obviously fine, it was only a suggestion. Who knows if it would even make a difference.

@gmagalhaes it’s a great suggestion, please keep the suggestions coming.