Master Sensitivity Adjustment

Not sure if suggested before, how about a ‘master’ button to adjust all sensitivity adjustments in all pop outs between low to high?

If looking for your favorite trade setup and your TS setting is say 10, but after getting filled you want to change the pop outs to say 3 sensitivity, problem being with 8 pop outs for Gold or 7 for RTY (not counting any stocks) or 7 CL, would make it easier to watch for weakening of correlation, capitulation (maybe one pop out you feel as more weight then others), momentum using a lower score or what ever.


this is a good suggestion.

I’ll give it some thought as to how something like this could be implemented.

I have also requested this back in September.

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Thanks, thought I did see it!

Perhaps a way to load two-three separate setups! Tried reloading TS into a new folder, but does not work.

I would further develop it by having just the ability to “group” popups together and then a master for each grouping. So I can maneuver sensitivity between equities or energies based on what I am focused on etc.


These are great ideas, we’ll try and incorporate.