Monitor Burn In from TickStrike

Hello Aamar,

I see my monitor is getting screen burn-in from having TickStrike in the same location during trading hours. It isn’t a problem with the part that is the meter, but the borders and parts that don’t change colors. Could TickStrik be borderless between multiple instruments or use some other method like shifting colors for the static parts like a screen saver?

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I’ve dealt with this 15 years ago, but current monitors don’t burn-in. How old is your monitor?

Hi tmoney,

Image retention can happen with modern OLED and does happen with my less than three year old LED monitor. It wasn’t a permanent burn-in. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify and I apologize for not using the more correct term. It has gone away by moving and rotating my windows. I was frankly surprised by the grid of the ghosted image that lasted about three days, and so I commented. I tend to keep all my windows in the same position when I trade. But, I have adjusted Tickstrike to be in an approx area because I don’t like pushing my hardware unnecessarily. I decided to use the default screen because the stickiness of the pop-out windows is frustrating to get a clean grid and I was using so many instruments. I have consequently reduced my number of instruments and will likely move to pop-out Tickstrike again to get it into a smaller area and to avoid any more image retention when I keep it in the same position during trading.