No sound on VPS

I’m running Tickstrike on VPS and I can’t hear the sound alerts. The sound settings of the VPS are fine, I can hear all other sound alerts of other software, except Tickstrike. Tickstrike sound is enabled, and the volume is at 100, but still no sound. Do you know how to fix it? Thank you.

Any reply from the Tickstrike Team would be highly appreciated.

VPS Windows Audio Service is properly configured, audio playback redirection was properly set up, all VPS sounds are played at my local computer via the RDP connection. Other software sounds (Jigsaw, Metatrader) are playing as they should, except Tickstrike.

I read in the release notes that in the past Tickstrike couldn’t run if there was no soundcard (like on a VPS) and this was fixed with one of the recent releases. It seems that even though now it can run without an installed soundcard, it can’t deal with VPS audio playback redirection. It isn’t a complicated thing, it should be able to do it by default, similar to any other software.

I would like to be able to run Tickstrike on my VPS and listen to the sounds on my mobile or tablet. Please let me know if the sound alert function can be fixed to handle VPS audio playback redirection. Thank you.