Please Add Non-ETF Metals

Please add non-ETF metals, such as:


I tried using the GLD ETF as a proxy, but it was pretty subdued or delayed. That is, I tested it during a large, fast move in XAUUSD, and I got no ticks whatever at normal sensitivity. It should have been smokin. I did get a pickup in ticks several minutes later, but it would be more useful for metals traders in the FX space to have the raw metals pairs in TS.

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Hey @lawfuller define normal sensitivity?

We can explore these options for you

Thank you, @Aamar. By “normal,” I mean the default of 6 (I usually use 10, but I tested this at 6). We’re talking 22 Nov in the 09:00 hour EST. So, it should have been screaming. XAUUSD moved 1.45% in the hour. The GLD ETF must not track the metal super closely in time. It did start to tick 10–15 minutes after the move started in earnest. But not nearly with as much strength or frequency as I’m used to with similar moves in other assets on TS. So, I’m excited that you plan to explore adding non-ETF metals!