Plot tickstrike on a chart

Hi Aamar. I plotted arrows on my chart every time tickstrike gave a signal just to see what it would look like. Maybe you can have your programmer figure out how to do this automatically some day. It is good for going back and see where tickstrick comes in and starts ticking away. Here are some screen shots. I wasn’t able to do this for the whole day but did catch some of the market.


That is so cool. Nice work on that !!

Wow, the future of TickStrike. What sensitivity did you use? Anyway outstanding.

I had the sensitivity on 6. It sure shows how much better the ticstrike would be if it could be plotted on a chart. Those are 10 sec time frames so I could spread the arrrows out and not on top of each other.

Thanks it was fun but hard to trade on my own while trying to plot the arrows.

I used a sensitivity of 6.

Wow - Good effort to do that manually!

There was some discussion during the launch about eventually developing a display of historical data

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very cool @Jesse_L :slight_smile:

That is Pretty Cool Indeed.

Yes, I was trying to see what it could look like if TickStrike would do this. Also, remind them about the idea.

Thanks. Shows the potential of TickStrike,

Will do, I’m not sure what form it would take. Your work is quite nice!

Aamar, do you think this type of chart is possible in the future ? Or is it beyond coding practices?

@Jesse_L anything is possible, I guess it would come down to where the data is displayed, it would likely make the most sense to have an external indicator that plots the points on an NinjaTrader, Tradestation or any other charting platform.


Maybe somebody could use the free API to develop this on Bookmap.

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Pretty cool. I see something here. If you can plot early on where tickstrike triggered in many clusters, later in the day when price starts going against those orders you can use tick strike to press against those order blocks. Basically the trapped traders concept


Very good point rkinman !

Perhaps a different definition for TS capitulation.

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Good observation! Something else to consider.

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Yes definitely a refinement of the capitulation @Linden :slight_smile:

Thanks @rkinman