Popout tiles still rearranging

Hey Aamar. It seemed like this issue was resolved, but it seems to have shown up again.

I just started tickstrike up again in this image

What does your monitor array look like? Was there anything you changed between when it was working and bugged? (IE new screen or switched order etc.)

Now that it is bugging again is it every time or somewhat random occurrences?

It might have started when I hooked up my old monitor as a second display. not sure. The application doesn’t seem to save the positions or sizing of the popout tiles. It’s like it keeps using an old save state or something

Experienced a similar situation this morning. No changes made to monitors of PC.
Also the order of the TS boxes changed overnight in the main “Active” screen.

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Yes I’ve experienced similar when left overnight for a few hours.
Sometimes it rearranges itself (location or size) and somtimes it does not


I’ve not been able to replicate this myself (figures!) but many have mentioned it, including members of our inhouse team.

We’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

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