Problem with Ts sound reverting to "Geiger" after shut down?

Noticed this today, version, had all my workspaces set up for different sound alerts for different markets and now after shutdown or reset all go to one sound.

Was trying to get fancy with different alert sounds!!!

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Hey @Linden will check on this for you.

It’s not a problem I’ve experienced but I only use 2 of the sounds personally

I had that problem too. I use them for different groups and all reverted back to geiger. There should be a safe config somewhere so that I don’t have to go through and reset all those each time. Just a suggestion

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Amar, even if you only use 2 sounds, you will note that all reverted back to geiger.

If 2 people are saying the same thing… then we definitely have an issue.

Dev is taking a look. :slight_smile:

@SIA0506 @Linden did you guys recently update to windows 11?

No did not update to Windows 11.

how strange this has impacted me now, seems to be a sudden change unrelated to the software version.

Devs are looking at it


No. But if it helps, my system is still based on Windows 7 Professional. Perhaps that is the common thread.


I experience this as well. First and only time was yesterday. ES and NQ were each separated by unique sounds. Very helpful like that.

Just checked on both computers different sounds are retained after shutdown.

Trading computer after shutdown yesterday retained proper sounds per symbol on start up today.

Hope this helps…

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Great this is now fixed

Great Job

Docking of pop out windows also appears to work.

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Opps, wrote to soon, can not dock NQ with QQQ or TQQ? Can dock the later two but not NQ to them.

Maybe it would be better if we had directions on how to do it? Please?


I am now running version and I currently hear the sounds but do not see any of the visual green or red associated with up and down. Not sure what has changed since Friday. Please advise.


Hey ! No issues we’re aware of.

You’ve probably dont this already so I hate to ask, but can you restart your PC, if the issue persists please email me to help further


Hi Aamar,

Thanks. I will restart after market. I can’t remember if I need a machine ID for the license or not. Maybe I’ll just put it on a Win 10 or 11 machine. Could this be an issue? I’m running Win7


Nope that’s not an issue