Questions about TickStrike

Hi, On Aug 11 webinar you said you would do some TS educational webinar’s. Like use of, cover the 8 pts in detail, what is working, better understanding of double or faster noises, how long does it take to add new symbol, etc.? Any scheduled?

If you need an outline, I can send you my 15 questions!!

Keep up the good work, really like the new window looks.

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@Linden HIt me with an outline of your questions

It;s always useful to develop education when you have a good gauge of the questions people have

Seeing as you have started this, lets make this a thread for everyone :slight_smile:

Ok enclosed are a few more questions on the use of Ts.

  1. Any timing aspect to TS, ie if in trade and counter TS appears to trade wait or out? Or what happen today on RTY supported by IWM, TS goes silent, I get out break even and TS kicks back in direction. So wait for counter TS? Wait x number minutes? Or depends on instrument and how many supporting sub windows? Thinking one could have too many, like Es now has 7 and some are inverse! Maybe a poll for the more experience traders using Ts would like to see? I vote for 3 to keep it simple.

  2. Why added three lower levels sensitivity? Thought that would be on higher end!

  3. How are others using Tick or Trin?

  4. On a Red/Green flashing on small window, if no other inputs how long before color turns off?

  5. How do you envision the 8 points below working out?

  6. How to understand #5 Capitulation? What look for?






Trade Management


After Spike News Trading

And couple more that questions for you to edit first? Traders please feel free to add to this with questions or opinions.

Or how about this question:

On a beginning move does TS show low levels building up or all at once for a reversal?

On a trial awhile back; price action was going way down and then some sideways action with TS sounding sells and some buys, and then more buys and more buys, and then price action takes off to upside beating out the ‘big’ downside move!

Has anybody experience that? How about the old timers?

Ps. To moderator please don’t delete this I’ll be adding other questions.

Generally the levels build up. (not always but in general)

What you described is consolidation in a trend, before resumption and you typically see a back and forth in low numbers on tickstrike before the big push down again.