Quick Question on Ticking vs No Price Action

Hi! Ok so I searched for this answer, but haven’t found it… how do we interpret all relevant Tickstrike Symbols ticking green (for instance), but there is little to no price action on the chart?

Well, green ticks would imply flow with a positive delta, meaning more offers are being lifted than bids hit.

If the price is not moving up with that, you could view it as absorption of the buying by passive sellers.


Welcome Shanelle,

No simple answer: If I said take no new trade then what about if still getting occasional green ticking or red ticking or lower value ticking, bunch of one’s and two’s, are you in a trade? Or price action at major point, high of day or news or ??

Best to read case studies, GC and NQ, see how TS will fit in your trading style. Hope this helps.

Was told awhile back develop your own style.

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Keep it simple. Ride the flow when it’s there.