Sensitivity meter

Hello. I’m new to the community and also using the tickstrike.
I wonder where I could find some explanation on how the sensitivity option works for the differences instruments and stocks.

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Welcome Pablobar,

Good question, depends on, like what is your trading style, what is the price action of contract. What I have been doing is screen recording the chart(s) with pop out windows together and comparing price action and TS. One contract will be slow sounding but steady movement in direction of move and the next one will ‘burst’ and keep on going with TS sound and price action. Will that be that way all time, I do not know?

Aamar said awhile back that some like to be informed with higher settings.

See notes on Gold.

Hope this helps, ask away!

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The sensitivity will adjust how anomalous the flow has to be for the symbol to ‘tick’. (make noise)

The system automatically will adjust to establish a baseline throughout the day. (Adjusts to rel volume) So, the sensitivity is just changing the threshold required for TS to notify you.

If you want a more objective answer maybe @Aamar can elaborate more but it is pretty intuitive.


Ho high/low will the numbers go? is -+15 the max?

That’s correct -+15 is the max