Sound change for Up vs Down tick

I only see one sound option per instrument for the up tick and down tick.

Is it possible to have different sounds for when the market is ticking up vs. down? For example, I enter a trade based on all correlated markets ticking up. The trade is now trending so I can relax. I only want my attention pulled back to the chart when I hear the correlated markets start down ticking. Make sense?


I don’t understand? So you would want it to not make tick sounds sometimes but do others…?

I want to be able to tell if the market is going up or down without having to look at my monitor. For example, if the market is going up make a duck quacking sound. If the market is going down make a dog barking sound. Those are extremely opposite sounds.

Right now, each instrument offers the following four sounds, Geiger, Chirp, Snap, String. However, for anyone of these four options, the sound is the same if the market is going up vs going down.

What I’m suggesting is to have two different sound options for each instrument. One sound for when the market is going up and a completely different sound for when the market is going down.


Aamar, In the future perhaps we could record and attach our own custom Bullish & Bearish audio WAV files to TickStrike !



@Aamar - just wanted to make sure you saw my suggestion. Thank you.

Just to be clear and to make sure we’re on at the same starting point:

When you select the geiger sound, whilst the base sound is the same, there is a higher pitch sound for up and a lower pitch sound for down. They are not the same sound, just similar.

  1. Are you saying that you cant tell the difference between the up and down sound.
  2. That there isn’t enough of a difference?


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Great point Aamar. Upon further investigation I can notice a slight pitch variation, however, (for me) it’s very difficult to differentiate.

So, I would answer Yes to your 2nd question: “That there isn’t enough of a difference?”

Give it s little time, you will go crazy if you hear dogs barking and ducks quacking lol.

The sound differences are not huge but this is by design, you will hopefully find that you adapt to this very quickly

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Lol…I would never want to hear dogs/ducks as market direction indicators, that was only in effort to try and get my point across about having two very different sounds for buy / sell

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