Symbol Definitions

Anyone have a list of the Tickstrike symbols and what they mean? I am from the US and don’t understand some of the symbols. If there is not a list, I am willing to start one.


HI, I have a 90 row Excel spread sheet that lists some futures and related ETF’s. Have no ideal how to post the entire spreadsheet. Give me some symbols and I’ll post what I have.


Pairs are pretty standard with most other platforms…


Again pretty standard (you can use something like trading view to see what they are)


Mostly in line with CME website … some odd balls


Again standard with like trading view or something with the occasional oddball

If you have any particular symbols feel free to ask and we can clarify :+1:

A comprehensive list is definitely something on my to-do list.

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this is an excellent idea, as i have been wondering about perhaps an update to show instrument definitions. maybe Linden can share his excell via google drive/dropbox? and we can do a baby wiki? lol

Part one of spread sheet>

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Part 2

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Part 3 of 3: Note all volumes are 6 months old and for educational purposes. Any corrections please post.
Notes are from or Exchange.

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