Tick Q, TickDJ Internals

I like to use TS with Correlation, Momentum and Breakouts. I like to trade NQ and YM, I have my stocks up with the Index as well. What exactly Do Internals TickQ and TickDJ mean? How would I apply using them properly when trading NQ and YM? When I see and Hear TS going off, I trade inthat direction. I also have my setting set to 6.

The TickQ is the Nasdaq Tick and TickDJ is the YM Tick as you probably already know.
Tickstrike here is interpreting the movement of the tick indices. So if tick is rising and TickQ/TickDJ are green, there are more stocks on an uptick than before. You would want to see TickQ and TickDJ confirming the NQ and YM.

Often you can get tick divergence where price makes a higher high but tick makes a lower high or may even be declining. If that was the case that would be a red flag to me as I would be expecting a reversal soon.

Hope this helps.