Tickstrike going nuts after market FOMC

Anyones tickstrike going off like crazy after market ? I don’t know if it’s delayed or if it’s real. ping is 87ms market doesn’t seem to be dumping after hours but it’s going off like crazy rapid.
I have restarted the app a couple times too

just settled exactly 5mins after cash close

I think there was just a little fear left in the market after the cash close.
My TickStrike in the futures was still going strong for almost a half hour.

Yes, mine was going crazy too. I thought something went wrong with tick strike because market was not doing much after the close.

I have bookmap and time and sales open and while tick strike was going crazy I saw little movement and volume on the tape on stocks and futures even though tick strike was going nonstop max green, which led me to believe there might have been a problem/delay in the indicator

It’s not working again today either. Alternating between long periods of no strikes and periods of max green / red. From the 9:30 EST open until I shut it down at 10:00.

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Yes, it doesn’t work for me either today. Quite annoying.

i noticed that allso

It’s working normally today.