TickStrike With Nadex?

For those familiar with Nadex, would TickStrike be helpful? If so, please explain.

Only if its the tail end of the trade and avoiding a loss, I like to exit with at least 2min+ on a close call. Then thers the 5min and 20 min which will need tick strike if your scalping, see if it will synch, I havent done it yet.

Concerning Nadex with TickStrike, I am curious to see if anyone has tried it or has knowledge on whether it is practical.

I used TickStrike with Nadex binary options on the Nadex demo platform for months. Since I had been using tickstrike for 10 years I could tell what was happening while I was away from the screen. I found the Nadex options very useful in extremely volatile markets as you don’t get stopped out till the expiration time of the option. So if your support and resistance levels are solid you can do well on reversals with 20 minute options.


I only traded the S&P 500 futures ES contract and usually only when the quick reversals were more likely for the first hour or so after the opening bell and the last hour of the day.

The 20min can be lucrative. I like Iron condors.

Can anyone give screenshots or detailed examples of using TickStrike with Nadex?

I’m still evaluating on Nadex demo platform using mostly the 9am-11am ET and 2pm-4pm ET options to trade early and into the close. It’s great to not get stopped out in these volatile markets until the option expires while defining your maximum loss. But I hate to think of having to scalp these markets without TickStrike.

Are there any updated examples of using TickStrike with Nadex or any current strategies?