Today setup for NQ

i have NQ sensitivity set to 6. Plus i have 3 stocks AAPL, AMZN, MSFT. they have highest weighting in NQ. (11,8,10 pct ) when these 3 stocks turning red at the same time it is quite rare and good NQ short. i stay short as long as TIKI closing under 0 line for 5 minutes (i dont use tickstrike TIKI).


Thanks for posting! Do you have a chart you could post with an example of when this happened today? How rare is this? (On avg how many times does that happen each day?)

i will post chart with explanation on weekend, but i watched tickstrike for 2 weeks and this is firs.t time i observed this. i had one occurrence of all 3 stocks and NQ turning green at the same time but it was not good long momentum trade.


Same here EEE. I am hoping they add ^VXN (CBOE index) for Nasdaq. interested to see how it reacts to NQ.

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I dont think you need VXN. VIX works fine. when NQ made new LOD 11.03 est, VIX made new HOD and started to drop. VXN same. i use my own tiki, tick, vix, vxn. i dont understand how to use tickstrike internals. TIKI is not very useful imo except extremes

Please keep posting on your results

first of all i meant TIKQ not TIKI. it is hard to get continuation after signal. today i had long trade at 11.08 est. NQ, amzn, aapl, msft, tikq were all green plus ES and TICK green. but things turn red pretty quickly. Not all 7 futures/stocks. i think best way when in long trade look at vix (downtrend), how NQ trades/closes in relation to vwap (mostly above), TIKQ mostly above 0, NQ gap up, etc. I think continuation is possible in trend/news driven market. separate audio signal when all instruments turn red or green is useful.

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Good comments, agree on VIX, hopefully got out break even!

Or perhaps “Capitulation”; Aamar and European traders calling it a day!

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