Today setup for NQ

i have NQ sensitivity set to 6. Plus i have 3 stocks AAPL, AMZN, MSFT. they have highest weighting in NQ. (11,8,10 pct ) when these 3 stocks turning red at the same time it is quite rare and good NQ short. i stay short as long as TIKI closing under 0 line for 5 minutes (i dont use tickstrike TIKI).


Thanks for posting! Do you have a chart you could post with an example of when this happened today? How rare is this? (On avg how many times does that happen each day?)

i will post chart with explanation on weekend, but i watched tickstrike for 2 weeks and this is firs.t time i observed this. i had one occurrence of all 3 stocks and NQ turning green at the same time but it was not good long momentum trade.


Same here EEE. I am hoping they add ^VXN (CBOE index) for Nasdaq. interested to see how it reacts to NQ.

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I dont think you need VXN. VIX works fine. when NQ made new LOD 11.03 est, VIX made new HOD and started to drop. VXN same. i use my own tiki, tick, vix, vxn. i dont understand how to use tickstrike internals. TIKI is not very useful imo except extremes

Please keep posting on your results

first of all i meant TIKQ not TIKI. it is hard to get continuation after signal. today i had long trade at 11.08 est. NQ, amzn, aapl, msft, tikq were all green plus ES and TICK green. but things turn red pretty quickly. Not all 7 futures/stocks. i think best way when in long trade look at vix (downtrend), how NQ trades/closes in relation to vwap (mostly above), TIKQ mostly above 0, NQ gap up, etc. I think continuation is possible in trend/news driven market. separate audio signal when all instruments turn red or green is useful.

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Good comments, agree on VIX, hopefully got out break even!

Or perhaps “Capitulation”; Aamar and European traders calling it a day!

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Here is one of my many short trades today, I do love a good sell-off.
Pic1 - Looked like a Delta divergence - no trade. But
Pic2 - Price moving down with momentum and selling in NQ and stocks - Entry 14804
Pic3 - Taken out on the bounce up at 14790 despite plenty of selling still!.

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what time in EST you had this setup?

The times shown are UK, so 16:07 BST is 11:07 EST

ok i see you in London. i dont see short set up here. we had gapdown of 200 points, and then you looking for short another 200 down. this sea of red stocks gave you few points. if you think today is gap and go then i would look for tickq being above 550 at 10.52 est as long as tickq mostly around -550 before, look for 550 tickq when pb to trendline. if you can go back to your tickstrike and post pictures around that time. as far cumulative delta, i nice pb to 0 line at 10. tell me what u see from 14.45 to 15.25 . i typed too much

EEE, I am doing NQ scalps when TS and Delta and Price have short term momentum.
I can’t show historical TS as I didn’t video that time.

Fist pic shows 10 EST. Tick-NQ (Gray Histagram) goes negative then. I was trading ES at that time.

14:45 to 15:25 Delta generally confirming price. Possible divergence trade around 15:00 EST and Break out at 15:22 and another at 15:45 where Delta breaks out before price.

i am having hard time understanding your TICK-NQ histogram. i had tick negative until about 10.30. but what important is how negative. sustained readings of -500 or more negative is what i pay attention to, plus if tick is below zero for long period. so idea is to short +550 or better ticks. second picture i have same thing. but i look for cd divergence in certain areas. we had NQ rotating around vwap for 45 minutes with cd going down, so it is stop entry on break of support. not sure i understand delta breaks before price unless you mean cd divergence. please post more of your scalping setups. i had one long 14.02.45 today on 15 sec chart. post tickstrike picture. i am not using it

I am showing Tick-NQ which is just 100 stocks, which is why it is very much up and down with price peaks and goes between +/-40 ( I have smoothed with a moving average). I think you are using Tick-Nasdaq which covers the whole Nasdaq index and will give you extremes of +/- 500 or more.
Tickstrike is not historical so unless you take a picture or video it is not yet possible to look backwards.
I have another video I recorded today which shows a short. I will post some more pics tomorrow.

correct, i am using tick for entire index.

Pic1 shows CD breaking down before price breaks out. 3 stocks orange.
Pic2 shows multiple stocks light up. Entered at 14841.
Pic3 shows slight pullback with little buying and then another push down as stocks light up again.
Pic4 Move over. Stopped out at 14830.5 for 10.5 points.

this is good example. again breakdown at vwap. what about sound? I decided not to use tick strike because i was getting non stop noise. i had short at 11.38 today. can you post picture last time. I am reluctant to describe set up at this time . In back testing it is pretty good but i want more time running strategy live. set up is just momentum trade when having consistently low tikq on 15 sec bars and negative delta on individual bars. today was good setup, lots of volume went on at that time. btw i looked at tick you using, i think tick for entire index is better

You mean like this? Changed setting to 15 sec and added Tick-Nasdaq. Yes I like it.
Vertical line is 11:38 EST. Looks like we are trading similarly.

do you use tick strike for ES? can you post pictures? I just had es momentum short setup at 14.52.