Toggle to View/Hide TS Popups


Had a quick question.
I appreciate that the popups are on top and for good reason.

However, if for some reason (eg I want to watch a webinar or YT video in full screen) what is the easiest way to minimize all popups and then restore them to the same position after watching the full screen item ??

Is the best way simply to exit and then reopen Tickstrike ?

Or eg could we have a setting to turn on and off the “be on top” functionality - ie a toggle ?


Awesome Idea Mobster16. that’s been annoying me too!

A setting to minimise the boxes but keep them running would be great…

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Right now the easiest way to do that is to just exit TickStrike altogether.

We’re trying to make Tickstrike as minimalist/simple as possible, however I have also faced what you’re describing so understand the problem.

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Just make an :eye: on the GUI somewhere that just shows/hides them still very minimal but gets the job done.

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Now that we have apps like Window Grid to make the popups tiny and all lined up I don’t know if the popups do always need to be on top.
I have two 32 inch screens and I now have space to put the popups without them being on top of another app so maybe we can just have a setting that turns off Always on Top. I am pretty sure I would enable that setting 24x7