Transparent Boxes Request

Have the option to make our TickStrike boxes transparent.

It is a problem not seeing behind the boxes and constantly moving them out of the way.
Resizing the boxes reduces the market names seen on the boxes.

If this cannot be done, please give alternative solutions to the issues mentioned.

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You can resize your tickstrike boxes in many ways to make it work. example of my setup. Use software called “windowgrid” to lay things out nicely. It’s opensource.

I already mentioned resizing in my first post. It is a nice feature, but it still does not allow anyone to see behind the boxes, and there is limited space on the screen with charts, etc.

Hopefully, Aamar will see this post and have an answer on what can or cannot be done.

Just following up on the request for transparent boxes. Want to know if it is possible.

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HI Anthony

It’s possible. We’re wrapping up a new product at the moment, once that is live we’ll see how hard it is to make happen.

Wow, sounds interesting. What kind of product? Tickstrike related?

Live Stock price and volume anomalies tool :slight_smile:

Pretty excited about it

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