"v2" symbols in TickStrike (symbols running on updated algorithm)

Thank you for swift answer. I am up for a month now,

  1. pls add EUA (carbon futures) traded on ICE. Dec contract=main volume contract.
  2. What is ES_v2 and NQ_v2 etc ? Micro futures?
    Kind regards, Lars

Hello. Did you find out what the v2 is? I don’t think is micro because also is the same extension on stocks symbols.

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In terms of asking for additional TS symbols, either ask on this site “Feature Requests” or direct to “aamar@tickstrike.com”. Takes about 1-2 weeks, if Aamar will can do it. A couple of mine could not be done, no reason given. Still waiting for the ETF that the CBOE brags on their website is a ‘leading barometer’.

v2 must be some sort of version 2 of same contract, RTY fires off slightly different value.

v2 is a updated algorithm we’re testing for those instruments.

It’s a very, very early stage tweak to the algo, I thought I would test publically to get feedback