Version is live!

1. Performance Improvements - Fixes to deal with the massive influx of calculation and demand at the US open. (fingers crossed it works)
2. Autologin - At launch of software automatically logged in
3. Change Strike alert colours - Aimed at our colour blind users but for anyone who would like to change the colour of alerts
4. Sensitivity adjust on the meter - slider to quickly and easily adjust the sensitivity so different settings can be used mid trade.
5. Fix for users that don’t have a sound card



The sensitivity adjustment on the popup meter is a big improvement.
We can finally quickly test adjusting the sensitivities live without having to go back to the main window



I am very happy there is a setting tab, because I love settings, BUT something about this is really bugging my eyes out and ruins the whole design. It might be that it is not the full height of that container. IDK maybe it is just me but I would suggest messing with that UI component a bit.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sensitivity meter BUT now I think it might be the case we should switch the sensitivity. Why is low sensitivity a higher number and high sensitivity a lower number? It is weird using the slider because its the opposite of what we normally use day to day.

It would also be really helpful to make the slider responsive to the height of the container. This way when you go into a slim profile for the tile it does not disappear and fragment. Instead, make it a horizontal slider when container height < x.

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