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Hey all, Im Charlie

Trying out different things with tickstrike, what works and what doesnt.
I tried using all the dow stocks along with YM and then finding a correlation, didnt succeed very well.

Right now im using intensity setting 11 on all the stock indices+CL, there seems to be a good correlation here to get on the right side of the trade along with getting in when the action starts.

I highly recommend connecting a bluetooth earbud to your PC, that way you can stay in the game all the time while at home and your GF wont notice :wink:


I’m Jesse. I trade micro’s ES, NQ, and M2K. I like tickstrike for correlation of markets. I enjoy riding my Triumph T-100 when I need a break from trading.

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Melegor here, I scalp gold/crude/ES and swing trade a couple dozen commodity/currency/indices using options on their ETFs. I am using TickStrike to time entry and exit spots on the scalps.

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I trade YM, NQ, CL, ES, RTY and GC. A few progams on three computers and six charts. Oil Trading Room and Mark Sach’s REVO are my favorite along with Ninjacators many products.
Scalp mostly for 10 - 20 ticks. Qualified a few times for LeeLoo’s live accounts, but keep getting too excited and starting from scratch.
Trying to control emotions and adding too many contracts. It’s a process but one I can master at some point. Looking forward to this sharing and learning from all.

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Hi, I trade FX, NQ and CL, I mostly scalp, using TickStrike to help with entry and exit - I realise the power in TickStrike, I am now learning how to leverage that power :slight_smile:

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JohnG here… I trade the S&P future, occasionally oil and gold. Looking for Tick Strike to confirm trade entries/exits.

Hi All, about a month ago I tried the previous version of TS, felt it had potential, saw some interesting results and made some money. With this version I see a lot more potential and the costs are way more reasonable! I currently trade the GC, RTY at the open and maybe ES, YM other times. With the ES I have the SPY and VIX smaller windows showing. Note VIX is considered contrarian. Today RTY open and TS sounded off and kept on thus keeping me in the trade (trade management). I believe TS biggest suite will be correlation, now to get some ETF’s on Gold!

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I trade index futures plus some Gold and Oil. I also trade SPX option spreads and some puts/calls in individual stocks like AMZN, NFLX, TSLA, MSFT. I’m interested in how Tickstrike can confirm trades after I enter, and what sensitivity settings are best for this. I’m brand new to the service.

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lol. Yea, my wife is wondering where the crickets are hiding.


I scalp the NQ after the initial balance is set. I always keep a close eye on the ES, and tickstrike helps with that.

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gm tickstrikers. I’m using tickstrike to trade futures. Mainly US Equities es, nq, ym and rty

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Hello all Traderx4 (as known in Forex factory)
Been using this since Tickstrike was originally avaiable eight years ago. This is a great update to the original. One thing I’ve learnt using TS is you do not need to be a slave to the screen; but let TS do the the work and notify you when there is a set up that meets your criteria whilst you can get on with your life!


Wow 8 years!! Good comment on the ‘slave’ part looking forward to that use of TS.


I trade ZB, ZN, FGBL, FGBX and I’m new to Tickstrike…
Congratulations to the Community !!!


Hi All,

I use TS mainly for scalping NQ to the short side in the first hour or so. I currently have all the top 10 NQ stocks open plus MRNA, AMD and QCOM, and want 4 or 5 firing orange, along with the NQ and QQQ
I also watch Cummulative Delta volume for confirmation (ie strong selling), which is a go, or divergence which means caution. To clarify, by divergence, I mean if price is making a new or equal low and Delta is rising then it is likely a bottom is in place and price is about to rise, so no trade.