What causes TS to make sound?

I just started my trial and tested TS with ZN and ES using the high sensitivity 1 after the market opened today.

I noticed that TS sometimes remained silent even if ES moved a point.

With ZN, which is a much thicker market than ES, TS made sound when 1 contract hit the offer but went silent when 500 contracts hit the bid.

I am confused. I thought TS simply makes sound when a certain number of market orders get traded. What am I missing here?

I have further tested TS, and I noticed 2 weird cases.

  1. TS makes sound even if no contracts are being traded. (my ping is 150ms, and I use data feed offered by Sierra Chart which is quite reliable)

  2. With ES, 1 market order can generate intensity of +/-4 or greater.

I need help understanding what triggers TS to make sound. I can’t just treat it as a black box, because I find TS algorithm to be unreasonable based on my observation. Maybe long time TS users can help me with this.

I would try to change it to low sensitivity 11, and try there your setups and tell me what you think.

Hi @willy

What TickStrike does is look at the relative rate and size of orders.

The key word is relative.

TickStrike does not apply a ‘hard rule’ of if the trade is X contracts make a sound, I actually found that to be ineffective.

So yes, technically TickStrike can sound on a single order if relative to the environment that order is of consequence.

This relativism is why the product has been effective.

Regarding point 1, ‘TS makes a sound even if no contracts are being traded’… this is not possible. The only thing I can suggest is that some orders are missing from the tape you’re viewing.

The important point is level 6 is the default we suggest to most traders, anything below 6 tends to be more aggressive.

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