What I like or dislike about TS?

Pole Q’s: What I like or dislike about TS?

  1. Keeps me in for more profits?
  2. Tells me when to get in?
  3. Tells me when to get out?
  4. Tells me when NOT to take a trade?
  5. Tells me when in consolation and either reversal or continuation coming?
  6. I like it for scalping?
  7. I like the sound alerts?
  8. I like a high sensitivity setting?
  9. I like a low sensitivity setting?
  10. Biggest problem is when TS sounds off and no price movement?
  11. Confuses the hell out of me?

Come-on folks lets give Aamar some since of direction?

Wouldnt that mean theres a fight and the selling is equal to the buying?

Thanks, that is good. Any thoughts would be welcome. Been working on this pole a long time!