Why tickstrike is epic!

Okay, so I want to break down why I am excited about a product like this. For me, it is all about the added sensory dimension for pattern recognition. I want TS to be a complementary tool (not supplementary) that is simply an auditory signal for what I am seeing visually.

Combining Senses

Adding new sensory dimensions to your patterns is a game-changer for the discretionary trader. It allows for greater nuance within a pattern to be observed and even improves memory of that pattern!

This also means one day I want a mouse that vibrates in line with the flow and the room to smell different when something is happening :smiley:

Let’s be honest… the VARK model kinda sucks. So combining styles is the way to go!

Time Fram’ed Flow…?

Well, there is no word for what I am trying to describe so bear with me. However, having this sensitivity dimension to the tool really allows for a totally different application than would be possible without it. Now just as you have higher time frame charts you can have lower resolution flow and vice versa. Expanding the options for ways it is used. Something kind of interesting to think about is if you could have the lower resolution trigger the higher resolution. For example) I don’t want to hear high sensitivity for every market all the time. BUT when the low sensitivity starts to tick then I want to hear the high sensitivity. Almost like IF sensitivity 11 ticks 3 times in 3 seconds then move to sensitivity 3 until sensitivity 11 stops ticking at least once in 1 minute. I know confusing and complicated. Maybe one day.


I do not really use correlations all too much in my trading. (At least it is not the deciding factor for a trade to be valid.) However a question out to those who do. Do you take the correlations at face value or are you monitoring a correlation matrix to determine if the correlation you think exists actually exists before using tickstrike as a medium to observe that correlation/lack thereof.

Harmonic Patterns

Eventually, I want this product to get to the point where when products are moving in unison I can identify that with a sound. For example, if all the equities have one sound and all the bonds have another. Equities bidding higher and bonds being offered should correspond with a specific kind of melody in my head so I can tell it is happening without looking at anything else.

Let me know your thoughts/what excites you about this product :point_down:


Just realized this has already been addressed by @Aamar and is in the works. Pretty cool stuff. Would love to use it for bond market setups.

I couldn’t agree more.

TickStrike isn’t just about order flow. It’s part of the meta game. We all ask ourselves, “how can I become so immersed in the market that I can ‘feel’ the rotations as they happen, not just watch them on a chart?” TickStrike is a step in this direction for me. When I want to be “plugged in,” I put my headphones on. I have never felt so connected to the market. It’s like walking outside. When you hear a few traffic horns, you know to be more vigilant. And that you’re approaching something happening. Physiologically, I feel the same response from TickStrike. When I take my headphones off, I feel disconnected. Like I’m deaf, walking down a busy street but having to work so hard visually to process what’s happening around me. On the flip side, when I turn TickStrike off or remove my headphones, once I stop hearing the market, it’s been a great way to definitively “step away” from the market. It’s deliberate. That helps keep me more focused when I’m “in” and more present to other tasks when I’m “out.”

I feel like there could be academic research on the brain activity of traders as it relates to this. And can you imagine how products like this could evolve into full AR/VR multi-sensory multi-dimensional tools over the next few years as traders enter the Metaverse? As epic as TickStrike is, it might just be the start of a monumental shift in how humans view and assimilate large streams of data.


Take the Red pill…

I have a similar feeling to what you have described, headphones on, nothing else exists.

Immersed in ‘feeling’ the markets.


“…headphones on, nothing else exists.”

^ This. 100%.

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Yes, that, and the ‘vibrating at different intensities’ mouse please!!

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I’m a new user of tick strike, but for daily trading of the NQ and ES, it change 100% the way I feel the market.
I don’t use anymore charts, just my DOM, the sounds of tickstrike and go long when green and short when red.
I go for the 5-10 tick movement and if it’s still flashing tickstrike I ride the trade.

Tickstrike is the most simple and effective way to trade IMO.

Just need to understand a little more the sensitivity meter, but in 6 is working for me.

I think the concept is simplicity and I would not recommend aggregating much more to the product.


Amazing. It’s really surprising how charts feel like just extra noise after using TickStrike :slight_smile: Thanks you for sharing


Good comments, not their yet (no charts) but am taking more and more off my screens and I don’t miss them!

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As a newbie, correlations just tell me when theres buying or selling, so just the activity tells me something.
On the other subject, I read that we learn through tactiles (sight, hear, smell, touch, taste).We remember what our senses record on the vinyl album with grooves, (not literally). This is why we want to redo what weve done before, because the 'grooves" feel comfortable, and who wants surprises anyway. Most want security not risking new ideas with a chance of failing because failure is bad for the ego and its not comfortable, either. Then theres the exception for those that just want to feel something with high risk “type A”. We do the same things over and over till we wake from our stupor realizing we may have a problem unless things change. Oh yes Im a fan of if it works dont fix it too!

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